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I delight in journeying alongside individuals as they grow in their relationship with God and others. Sessions help people be attentive to what's going on in their soul and gives support in discerning God's voice. Sessions are usually an hour long and, ideally, on a regular monthly basis. There's time for sharing, prayer, and listening for how God might be guiding in simple, creative ways. When helpful I offer questions and, at times, suggestions that you can explore with God on your own.

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“A spiritual director is the one who helps another to recognize and to follow the inspiration of grace in his life, in order to arrive at the end to which God is leading him.”
—Thomas Merton

"Spiritual direction is 'recognizing God’s amazing work in us and among us in the ordinariness of human existence.'”
—Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction

“Maybe that is the difference between pastoral counselors and spiritual directors. We go to counselors when we want help getting out of caves. We go to directors when we are ready to be led farther in.”
Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice of companioning another on the spiritual journey. Meeting with a spiritual director is one way to intentionally create space in your life to listen for God's voice.  A spiritual director helps you become aware of the movements, invitations, and promptings of God in your life.  A spiritual director, serving as a faith companion, listens to your life stories with an ear for discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life, and assisting you in noticing and responding to the inner voice of God.

The tradition has consistently defined the practice of Spiritual Direction as an art that recognizes the Holy Spirit as the True Director. This model of Spiritual Direction is: Trinitarian in theology, Contemplative in style and Biblical in grounding.

I love to create a sacred space where you are safe and seek to notice and respond to the call of Jesus.  I’d be honored to walk with you on your journey to wholeness of life as you discover more who you were created to be and live into that more fully.  My passion is to see you experience a deeper relationship with the Creator, Savior, and Lover of your soul.


Who Should Consider Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is for people who:

  • Desire a deeper relationship with God
  • Are in times of transition, confusion or loss
  • When God seems distant
  • When life feels overwhelming
  • Have a sense of wilderness or doubt in one's spiritual journey
  • Long to explore desires, hopes, and dreams
  • Desire discernment of God's perspective when facing a difficult decision or situation
  • Yearning for MORE in their spiritual life

Spiritual direction is helpful when:

  • God seems distant
  • Life feels overwhelming

Spiritual direction is for everyone who seeks to become more into the likeness of Christ, no matter where you are on the faith journey. Curious seekers, doubters, questioners, followers, skeptics, or lifelong believers... all are welcome.

A typical spiritual direction session lasts about an hour, is confidential, and takes place usually on a monthly basis.  My commitment to you is to attend our sessions with an open heart, mind and spirit and to remaining faithful to praying for you between meetings.

Spiritual Direction Services

Summer Solstice Intro Package


  • 3 Months (June-July-August)
  • 3 Private Sessions (must be used by August 31)
  • 1 Group SD Session (August)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Journaling and/or Prayer Prompts

Summer Solstice Plus Package


  • 3 Months (June-July-August)
  • 3 Private Sessions (must be used by August 31)
  • 1 Group SD Session (August)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Journaling and/or Prayer Prompts
  • PLUS Bonus Private Session (must be used by September 30)
  • PLUS Ticket to Fall Weekend Retreat (date TBD)

Going Deeper Package


  • 7 Months (June-Dec)
  • 7 Private Sessions (must be used by Dec 31)
  • 3 Group SD Sessions (August – Oct – Dec))
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Journaling or Prayer Prompts
  • PLUS 2 Hour Bonus Private Session (must be used by December 31): This session will include an Examen of the year and work on discerning your Word of the Year for next year.
  • PLUS Ticket to Fall Weekend Retreat (date TBD)

Classic Spiritual Direction


1-Session Package



3-Session Package



6-Session Package


Fall Weekend Retreat



Weekend Retreat PLUS 3-Session Package



Spiritual direction is a contemplative and confidential practice started in the Church centuries ago. Spiritual direction was created for people who desired a deeper intimacy with God. A spiritual director commits to being attentive with you as a support and a companion along your journey to God. The practice is God-oriented rather than goal-oriented, reflecting your relationship with God rather than fixing a particular problem. Typically a directee will meet with his or her director monthly or biweekly for an hour.

Unlike counseling, which tends to be more intensive and short term, the Spiritual Direction relationship may be long term if the directee chooses to incorporate this charism into his or her life as a regular spiritual practice.  I suggest that new directees commit to three months when beginning Spiritual Direction.  I do offer a special introduction package (see above).

Sessions can be scheduled as face to face meetings, or via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom.



Four to six people meet together once a month with a spiritual director, inviting them to share their own personal and authentic spiritual journeys and to seek transformation for the sake of others. The purpose of these groups is not counseling or therapy, but rather spiritual formation as each person becomes more likened to the image of Christ in their work for others. Thus, the intention of group spiritual direction is to help individuals grow in their faith, become more aware of God in their lives, and to love others more fully.  Through practices like listening and prayerful observance, the group comes to an awakening of the soul. This awakening then leads to a life that is both purposeful and intentional.

The format is simple.  The groups starts with a time of silence.  Then one person is invited to share for about 10 minutes, speaking without interruption.  After that there is a time of prayerful silence as the group members reflect on what they heard and listen for the voice of God on behalf of the person who just shared.  This is followed by a response time where group members offer what came from the silence.  At the close of the person’s presentation and the group’s response, there is another time of silence, during which each person prays silently for the person who just presented.  Each person will have an opportunity to present.



Solvitur Ambulando... "it is solved by walking."

Instead of sitting inside, take a walk with a spiritual director. The Emmaus Walk is an intentional time of talking, listening and connecting with the Triune God in the beauty of creation.   Individual direction sessions can be an Emmaus Walk for those nearby.



Spiritual directors are trained to assist people, groups and organizations in discernment. I can help you individually with a discernment question or I can facilitate a group of people you select in a process known as a “Clearness Committee” designed to help you become clear about your options and where you feel the Spirit is leading you.

Organizations bring in spiritual directors for many reasons. They may be facing a critical crossroads and need help with discernment. A spiritual director could lead the group in a discernment process or sit on the sidelines and offer help as needed as the group follows its own process for decision-making. They may want a spiritual director to sit in on meetings to give observations and reflections about where the director notices spiritual energy and life (or lack thereof).

The spiritual director may also lead the organization in prayer, meditation or special reflections.

The field of organizational spiritual direction is fairly new and is currently being used by many church boards and faith-based organizations. The organization and the spiritual director usually draw up a covenant or contract and agree upon what is expected ahead of time.



Sacred Pathways believes that prayer is central to a healthy church, person, and world. We provide equipping, teaching, mentoring and modeling for prayer ministry to meet the needs of God's people. Because prayer ministry looks different in every setting, we work with your group to customize training and prayer teams. Whether you are a Matthew 28 congregation developing a prayer team or a large congregation wanting to revitalize lay people through prayer ministry, we help churches develop prayer ministries to fit your goals through conversation and discernment.


Group and Organizational spiritual direction contracts are negotiated.

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A limited number of scholarships are available for spiritual direction. Contact me for more information.

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