I would love the opportunity to serve you as a Retreat Facilitator!

I am more than just a retreat speaker. I am a retreat facilitator and creator. My aim is a unique experience that allows retreat participants to connect more deeply with God and with one another. I will incorporate teaching with inviting opportunities for individual prayer, reflective experiences, and small group sharing to fully engage each retreatant’s heart, soul, and mind.


Programs may be presented as a brief one-hour introduction to the topic or a two to three-hour interactive workshop. Some topics are best in the longer format – these are noted.  Additionally, weekend or day retreats can be designed by combining several topics with significant periods of solitude and reflection time.  Choose from topics listed below or I will create a program specifically for your group.

Retreats are focused on carving out sacred space where we can give our undistracted attention to God. Together we engage mind, body, and spirit in prayer, reflection and worship. In retreat we posture ourselves to receive God however he comes to us. Retreats are a time not only of rest, but of re-engagement, re-envisioning, refreshment and recalibration.  Our pilgrimage on earth is unsustainable without choosing to periodically make a retreat. "Therefore, let’s make every effort to enter that rest." (Heb. 4:11)


Programs, Trainings and Retreat Topics


What is Spiritual Direction? An overview of what spiritual direction is, and how it differs from psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, healing prayer, life-coaching and discipleship. (Workshop format will include introduction and practice of group spiritual direction).


How to Better Discern God’s Will: Introduces several methods and tools to use as you attempt to discern what God wants you to do utilizing the principles of “discernment of spirits” from Ignatius of Loyola.  Discernment is a spiritual practice that calls your whole being–mind, body, heart and soul–into the process of making life choices. Ideally, discernment becomes a way of life so that every significant choice you make is in alignment with your spiritual path. Discernment is how we grow in our relationship with God.


A Dozen Ways to Pray: We will explore several of the different types of prayer you can use – Lectio Divina, Ignatian Prayer, Breath Prayers, Centering Prayer, and Body Prayer, and more.  This topic is difficult to cover in one hour.  A full-day or weekend retreat will offer time to practice the prayer forms that are introduced.  The full day or weekend retreat will include the Lectio Divina and/or Visio Divina workshops.


Beginning to Hear God in Prayer: (Workshop format only) Focuses on developing the ability to make prayer a two-way conversation. Participants will need writing materials for hands on exercises.


Lectio Divina – Praying the Scripture: (Workshop format only) You will be amazed at the spiritual insights that happen as you reflect together on sacred scripture. You will gain skills to use this method of Bible study for private reflection by yourself in the comfort of your home as well.  Scripture passages used will draw us to find our identity in the presence of Christ.


Visio Divina – Praying with Art: (Workshop format only) This experiential workshop will explore ways to engage in a visual prayer with both prepared art and a few simple art supplies. Artistic skills welcomed but not necessary.


Growing toward God through Spiritual Disciplines: Exploration and discussion of several spiritual disciplines, their value, tips and techniques for using these disciplines to enhance your spiritual life.  The workshop or retreat format will include practical exercises.


Find Your True Self with The Enneagram: 9 Paths Toward Freedom: Explore a powerful tool used in spiritual direction to help you discover your primary spiritual strengths and weaknesses, gain greater self-understanding and find some practical ideas for your own spiritual growth. (Workshop format will add the use of narratives and questionnaire to help discover our individual Enneagram types, – small materials fee).


Developing Your Own Spiritual Mission and Goals: Discover what God is calling you to, what your spiritual mission and goals are, and revitalize your whole life. Developing a Rule of Life.  (Workshop format guides participants to begin to discern their own unique calling, mission and purpose for life, small materials fee).


Living in the Streams of Historical Christianity:  Learn from the other streams of Christian expression and those who thrived in those traditions. Strengthen your life with the living Jesus through practices which are less familiar to you.  The focus of the group will be to create space in your days to practice the presence of God. It will be a time for encouragement and renewal as relationships are deepened with others and with God. This practice is based on the book, Streams of Living Water: Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith by Richard Foster.


Labyrinth Events:  (Workshop format only) Labyrinths are an ancient tool for modern times. Labyrinths are used for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection. Found around the world, and used for thousands of years, labyrinths offer a place to quiet the mind and listen to one’s inner voice.  We will meet at a local labyrinth.


Journaling is a Spiritual Tool: A personal pen to paper pilgrimage.  During this imaginative workshop you will explore the art of journaling and discover how to use journaling as a tool to deepen your spiritual practice. The day will be punctuated with silence, reflecting and listening as well as sharing and learning. We will explore art journaling along with traditional pen to paper writing. Prompts, music and more will inspire wonderful insights and meaningful personal time.   Additional fee for journals and art supplies.


Solitude and Silence Retreats: This is a contemplative day or weekend retreat meant to create sacred space to meet with God and invite participants to a deeper spiritual life.  Prayer stations, journaling and prayer prompts, and individual spiritual direction will be available.  I offer several silent retreats each year, but I am also available to facilitate a silent retreat specifically for your group.

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