Time for a transformation? Ready to leave the blahs behind and refresh your life? Want to be more joyful and energized?

Then this is for you!

Too much stuff can fill up our lives and drain our energy.  And its not just stuff.  Overwhelm – having too many tasks and commitments and spending too much time with difficult people (and not enough with those who support and inspire us) also drains us.

In order to refresh our lives, we need to understand where our lives are draining us.    Then we need to understand specifically what and who is draining our energy – which can include tasks that we have been procrastinating over and hang over us…

We will set ourselves up for success by getting clear on how we would like our lives to be, as well as letting go of things that drain us – the energy zappers, and implementing some new habits to support us.

Do all of this in a group willing to do the hard work of change, willing to admit we need help, and willing to ask for it in a safe, supportive community.

Get a fresh burst of energy and enjoy your life more!

What's Included:

July, August, and September of 2020 …. Early registers get to set up a session now, enjoy June as a BONUS month, and maybe some other surprises.   Those who pay in full get a BONUS Private Spiritual Direction Session and One-Word exercises.

  • Private 60 Minute Breakthrough Session to get started
  • Private Facebook Group for our members
  • Weekly Facebook Live Mini-Trainings
  • Weekly Spiritual Growth Group  - spiritual exercises and conversation on life and our spiritual journey
  • Daily Questions/Journal Prompts
  • Worksheets, Ideas, Homework, Customizable Habit Trackers
  • Friendship, support, connection, laughter and maybe tears
  • Inspiration, Encouragement, Strategies, Accountability
  • 90 Day Experience

Imagine where you could be in 90 days!

Join me on the transformation journey and make a real change.

Pay in Full

Payment Installments

Need more information?

Call (or text) or email me today!  717-216-0138 or pathwaysym@gmail.com